Good neighbors make a livable community

As we see it, our responsibility extends not only to the natural environment, but also to the communities in which we operate.
We have made financial support for youth programs, sports, education and culture an integral part of our company mission at all our German branches. Our commitment is exemplified by our support for the Advanced Training Center for Natural Sciences and Environmental Protection. Situated at our Frechen location, the center regularly honors its most promising students. We also give money to various associations and initiatives for sports and youth development programs.
In fulfilling our commitment to the community, we work closely with a number of partners, naturally including local governments. At the Haltern location for example, our participation in the "Silbersee Working Group" was instrumental to the grand opening of Haltern-West Quarry Lake, a beautiful new recreational center with a nine-hectare beach, some 1,800 parking spots, new restroom facilities, and a permanent lifeguard station. Thanks to our “public-private partnership” with the city, the county and regional authorities, we will be able to operate this fine park on a long-term basis.