From raw mineral to high-end product

Each mineral has to travel a long way before it is fully processed and ready for sale to the customer. Just as our various deposits are all different, Quarzwerke does not always use the same production technology at each location.
Crushing, straining, hydrosizer classification, gravity separation (granulometric separation), flotation and magnetic separation are just a few of the procedures required to turn select raw soils into premium-quality products.
Once classified, the silica sands, kaolins and feldspars are drained according to the optimal processing methods for each type and partially dried – according to the needs of the customer. In Haltern, Frechen and Weferlingen, as well as at the Hirschau/Schnaittenbach, Provodin and Osiecznica locations, a portion of the sand is then processed further into silica flour. Together with a collaboration partner, we operate a synthetic-resin coating facility at our Gambach location, which we use to manufacture customized products for the foundry and casting industry.  
Not only do Quarzwerke products have a wide range of uses; we are constantly developing new ones, usually in close collaboration with our customers.